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  • The East Bay Times

  • Mt. Diablo Education Association (MDEA)

  • California School Employees Association,          Mt. Diablo Chapter 43

  • California Democratic Party

  • Democratic Party of Contra Costa County

  • Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County, AFL-CIO

  • Teamsters

  • Contra Costa Building and Construction Trades Council

  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 104

  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 302


  • Cheryl HANSEN, President, MDUSD School Board

  • Linda MAYO, MDUSD School Board Member

  • Barbara OAKS, MDUSD School Board Member

  • Mark DESAULNIER, United States Representative, CA 11th District

  • Joan BUCHANAN, former Member, California State Assembly

  • Ron LEONE, Vice Mayor of Concord

  • Edi BIRSAN, Concord City Councilmember

  • Tom TROWBRIDGE, High School CTE Teacher

  • Mojdeh MEHDIZADEH, President of Contra Costa College

  • Linda DORTZBACH-HUDLIN, Scoutmaster

  • George FULMORE, Founder, Monument Democratic Club

  • Kish RAJAN,, Southern California Leadership Council, Kish Rajan Public Affairs

  • Barbara LEAL, Coordinator, Career Technical Education, MDUSD (retired)

  • Linda RONDEAU, Superintendent, Pittsburg Unified School District (retired)

  • Satinder MALHI

  • Rami MUTH, Superintendent of Martinez Unified School District (retired)

  • Bob HARPER, Ed.D., Director, Campbell Union High School District

  • Susie O'BRYANT, Career Coach & SBDC Outreach and Community Relations Specialist

  • Pamela NORGAARD, former MDUSD Director of  Adult and Career Education

  • Vivian BOYD, Retired Administrator, MDUSD

  • Claire MARCHIANO, Career Counselor

  • Martha RILEY, Ed.D., former MDUSD High School Principal

  • Kathleen ROBINSON, Robinson & Associates

  • Paul RENAUD, Teacher, CPHS

  • Margaret SCOTT – Vice Principal (Ret. contract), Mt. Diablo Adult Education

  • April TREECE, Director, STEM Workforce Initiative

  • Tony TREECE, Technology Director, OPUS Communications

  • Elizabeth SNIDER, Retired Teacher

  • Glenn ANAISCOURT, Attorney

  • Sandy KAWAMURA
  • Margot TOBIAS
  • Jonathon ROSELIN

  • Donna VANWERT

  • Fred & Georgine SULLIVAN 

  • G. Vittoria ABBATE 

  • Mark O'BRIEN 

  • Denise RUGANI 


  • Susie PASSEGGI

  • John CULLEN​

"Joanne Durkee is a dedicated educational leader, with a deep understanding of and commitment to the educational needs of our community from cradle to career."

- Mojdeh Mehdizadeh, President, Contra Costa College 

"Joanne Durkee is a retired educator with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Mt. Diablo Unified School District. She will be a thoughtful, responsible member of the MDUSD Governing Board."

- Linda Rondeau, Superintendent,

   Pittsburg Unified School District (retired)

"I am inviting any and all of my current and past district employees living in the voting district to endorse and vote for Joanne Durkee.... Joanne's positive communication with each prospective eagle scout placed her at the top of the list for scouts wanting to do something in their community.


- Linda Dortzbach-Hudlin, Boy Scouts Scoutmaster.

"The people of MDUSD couldn't find a more qualified person to represent them on the school board. I worked for years with Joanne and consistently witnessed her incredible leadership and communication skills."

- Pam Norgaard, former MDUSD Director of Adult                    

     and Career Education

"I am proud to endorse Joanne Durkee for Mt. Diablo Unified School District Board of Education.  Joanne is a dedicated, experienced educator who truly cares about our district, our students, and our communities.  Her commitment to student success along with the many partnerships she has established with business and community organizations are just two of the many strengths Joanne will bring to the MDUSD School Board.  It will be an honor to serve with her."

- Cheryl Hansen, President, Mt. Diablo School Board

"Unequivocal support for Joanne – As a high school CTE teacher, I have had the honor to work with Joanne for the past 11 years. I have always been impressed by her consummate professionalism. But much more than that, I have been inspired (and compelled to action!) by her deep commitment and passion for guiding those around her to get done what needs to be done to meet the needs and do what is best for ALL of our students.”

- Tom Trowbridge, High School CTE Teacher

"I had the privilege of working with Joanne during my tenure as Superintendent in Martinez. I found her to be a thoughtful and passionate educator who always advocated for the students she served. She has a deep understanding of the system and the dedication and commitment to truly make a difference. She is respectful of differing perspectives and always worked to find win win solutions. MDUSD would be fortunate to have her leadership and experience on the Board."

- Rami Muth, posting on Joanne's Campaign Facebook Page 

"I am so glad you are running for the MDUSD School Board.  We need good people with definitive expertise in education… My sister and my daughter will be voting for you as well.”

- Martha Riley, Ed.D., former MDUSD High School Principal

"Joanne Durkee has supported classroom instruction like no other for thirty years. She is the rare gem whose unselfish work at the highest levels in the community continually improves the lives of teachers and students."

- Paul Renaud, Teacher, CPHS

"Joanne Durkee is the right choice for Mt. Diablo School Board. She is a leader who keeps students of all ages at the center of all decision-making. I know Joanne will be a powerful advocate for our K-Adult schools. Her spirit of service has benefited our community for 37 years--and she will be an asset to all of us as a member of the Board of Education. Vote for Joanne on November 8th."


- April P. Treece, Director STEM Workforce Initiative 

“Joanne led Adult Education during a time of budget cuts and economic downturn and led the program to growth and efficiency. She knows the educational issues and is a leader with vision and strength.”

- Vivian Boyd, Retired Administrator, MDUSD

"I have worked with Joanne for many years. She is both a visionary who sees possibilities and a doer who gets things done. She is a strong advocate for education and works collegially to achieve results."

- Claire Marchiano, Career Counselor

"Having known Joanne for more than 15 years, I have the utmost respect for her leadership, her dedication to student success, and her commitment to excellence in education. Joanne is passionate about education and has always worked tirelessly to achieve her vision. I am confident she will incorporate these values as a member of the Board of Education."

- Susie O'Bryant, Career Coach & SBDC Outreach and

  Community Relations Specialist

"Joanne's experience, intelligence and focus will make her an outstanding board member. She is balanced and listens before acting. As a former senior administrator in MDUSD and a board member for the Acalanes Union High School District for 13 years, I know that these characteristics are important for a board member and leader. I fully endorse Joanne Durkee."

- Margot Tobias   

"Joanne Durkee is, hands down, the best candidate for school board on the ballot this year. We are lucky she’s running, and I am grateful that she wants to serve our communities on the Mt. Diablo School Board. I endorse Joanne and encourage you to do the same, and to vote for Joanne in the fall."

- Glenn Anaiscourt, Attorney, Concord 

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