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Joanne Durkee is prepared
to act and to serve your community with excellence.
Success for All Students

“I believe that MDUSD needs to prepare ALL students for college, careers and civic engagement. We will accomplish this by:

  • A laser-like focus on college & career readiness

  • Broadening the participation of parents, students, business/labor leaders, and the general community in this work

  • Securing the resources necessary to support all students.”

Transparent Communication


​“I am committed to listening for understanding and communicating clearly.  I will use my skills and experience to:

  • Ensure that information provided at Board meetings is clear and transparent

  • Support and encourage parent engagement

  • Support and build upon MDUSD’s existing communication tools and protocol with staff and the community.”

Inclusive Community Partnerships

“I have seen the power of partnerships! I am committed to leveraging local resources by developing and expanding collaborations with:

  • Post-secondary educational institutions

  • Government and civic organizations

  • Business/labor associations

  • Community based organizations”

Collective Advocacy

​“I understand the critical role that Board members play in representing and advocating for our school district and for public education.  This needs to include:

  • Being well-informed

  • Communicating with the public and policy makers

  • Serving as an active ambassador for MDUSD”

Joanne Needs Your Support

Joanne Durkee will take her position as a member of the school board very seriously. She is a dedicated professional with a valuable background and tremendous experience to offer to help better our school district.  

But to get there, she needs your help:

When you cast your ballot this fall, vote to elect Joanne Durkee as a member of the

Governing Board of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District.

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